Credit Scores

12 surefire ways to create money and credit problems.

12 surefire ways to create money and credit problems.

By Erica Sandberg April 29, 2015 8:00 AM

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Want to run perpetually short on funds, rack up massive debts and decimate your credit score? While you're at it, perhaps you'd also enjoy fielding calls from demanding collectors, spending hours in court for lawsuits and bankruptcies and forfeiting whatever valuable property you have left.

1. Charge what you can't afford.

2. Pay full price whenever possible.

3. Transfer balances to 0 percent rate credit cards, then make minimum payments.

4. Add balances to newly empty cards.

5. Neither know nor adhere to creditor contracts.

6. Apply for credit frequently

7. Deal with your financial matters tomorrow.

8. Borrow against your paycheck.

9. Satisfy a steady stream of credit card balances with your home's equity.

10. Wait until bills are paid to save money.

11. Never check your credit reports.

12. Get financial advice from your broke cousin Frank.

And so you have it -- the ultimate guide to guaranteed money and credit misery. On the off chance the outcomes are not appealing after all, just reverse the professionals' advice. True, the excitement that living on the financial edge brings will be gone, but a life of comfort and security may be more alluring than you think. 




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